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Updated Property Values gets a half bad mark – because the job they are trying to do is mind-boggling.

Think about this:

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If there were just 100 people on earth – 1 person has controls over 50% of all the money. 77 people have homes and 23 do not. There’s a great video with these proportions and more from Unbelievable Facts..watch it here.

The Question Posed At The End Of This Illustration Is “If There Were Only 100 People Would We Accept Such Inequality?”

Probably not! 23 people would talk to each other and hopefully decide to peacefully convince the 1 person that his life is not more valuable than any other life and for him to treat it as so is not okay.

YOU Improving Your Lot Is Part of Bringing Equality To the Planet…And There Is No Need To Do That Alone

Within the 1% there are goodhearted well-meaning people sympathetic to this inequality. There’s this slogan, “We are the 1%-We stand with the 99%”. This group is known for supporting tax increases that would be used to help the lowest income earners – a subtle shift, like sand in an hour glass.

Some people that have a lot of means want to stand with the 99% in a different way, not through taxes and government programs but through business. Usually a Republican or Libertarian idea, there is another slogan “We are the 53%” meaning, 53% of people pay federal taxes and 37% do not. Sometimes, usually democrats, want to do both.

Updated Property Values Is A Business Created Especially For Those Less Fortunate.

You probably are not in the 1% – And you’ve  probably heard of the 99% movement, that frankly hasn’t gotten much traction. Only it’s a movement of paradigm (see definition #3).

It will take time and great; Eyes are on the ground floor these days, on those 23 people – that 20ish% that doesn’t have a home, who do not own a home and probably very much would like to have reliable, safe shelter. Right?

Affordable housing has been a buzz word lately…like the HOPE Program

Updated Property Values is one cog, one tool in your box to help you be a sharper, brighter crayon with more money. For example, if you cannot get a mortgage because you have poor credit and a debt to income ratio you would benefit from credit repair, click here.

If you need a better job, to make more money so maybe you need schooling. And of course the powers that be understand that you don’t have the funds to go get the education – that’s why you need the education; to have the funds. Catch 22.
Screenshot (2)Loop holes, catch a break with a grant, because a literate, educated and working public is a good thing for human rights, and equality. Probably better than a stock market.

The idea that concentrating wealth is good for the stock market, therefore good for people,  is sounding crazier all the time to people who prioritized human rights over stocks…who have been prioritized less than imaginary shares of a company…

Stocks themselves are a lot like real estate. It’s the idea that you can invest your money into something abstract (ie: stocks) or concrete (ie: real estate) and get more money back later on is a great motivating incentive for a healthy economy (people to get up, happy, work hard because there’s a pay off for their labor that makes sense)

When Opportunity Is More Available To Some and Less Available To Others That Is An Unhealthy Economy

Let’s venture to guess that ALL, okay…fine, maybe not that 1 of 100 who controls 50% of the money…maybe not him…but everyone else thinks this archaic, oppressive status quo of division of wealth, therefore power, is NOT okay or humane. It’s just a matter of how do we redistribute wealth?

One way is for banks to loan you money to invest in a home.

If the opportunity for you have a home by getting a loan is an uphill battle, then Updated Property Values is ready to fight uphill with you.


Updated Property Values gets half a star because what an uphill battle they are climbing! Offering assistance that’s nearly too good to be true…in a society where we know about equality and we agree it’s best; yet look around! That’s not really the reality. Step by step the customer service representative will help you over the phone to give you the bootstraps…to find the loop holes in a sad-story status quo

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps”

“What if I don’t have boots?”

“I’ll Give You Some. Click Here To Get Into A House That’s YOURS. Says Updated Property Values

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