Quicken Loans Will Quicken Something

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Your blood pressure, the intensity of your back ache, the robot-nature of your mortgage banker…your death date coming…quicker, and quicker with quicken loans.download

Forgive me, I was being a little far reaching. I’m referring to their employees, primarily. The employees are engineered. Eww.

I hear in orientation for the Detroit territory there is an impressive brag about how many buildings of downtown Quicken Owns. As an employee Quicken Owns You, not quicken loans to you…and they make you think it’s your idea.

You got the degree for this, and congratulations you are using it.

Expecting a human to dial over 100
people in 8 hours is turning human interaction in something is fundamentally isn’t. The “fake bubble” that is represented best as a stereotype in Cali…and nicey-nice is a thing in the Midwest. Does Quicken Loans own NYC? No.

Maybe because northern east coasters are harder. Not less nice, but appropriately nice. It’s not nice to make people work 7 days a week. In fact it is considered sinful. That’ll happen as a peon of the empire, Quicken Loans.

I am a bit frustrated on your behalf employees.

It’s not child labor, but it’s something. And if we are for standing for basic human rights, which yeah, we are, then this review stands for yours.

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  1. In orientation they show you what Quicken Loans owns, because you are now apart of ‘the team’. You are now a part of the turning wheel that got them to where they are, especially as a Mortgage Banker. Bankers are the front office of Quicken, you are what they are in business to do. So it’s important to corporate that employees buy into their beliefs, their company culture, and what QL does because its a way to motivate employees. It’s they way Quicken justifies their asking you to “volunteer” to work on your very few non-scheduled days, when you’re working 10-13 hour days on the scheduled ones. I say non-scheduled because some weekends are mandatory, but you are compensated with Thursday and/or Friday off…. but you’re ‘encouraged’ to come in on those days anyway. They create a high stress work environment that is not for the faint of heart, and if you are a banker performing well the monetary compensation can be well worth it. But if you’re not performing well, which means you’re not selling enough mortgages, then it becomes soul crushing.

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