Poor Problems Need Auto Search And Loans

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Auto Search and Loans is hard to believe.

“100% of all loan applications are approved?”

Really? Why would they do that? Is the interest rate astronomical? 

Maybe it’s because food, water, shelter and safety, are or if you disagree for some odd, sick reason then they could be, HUMAN RIGHTS.

Do you know what this means, guys? Thanks to the invisible hands of Lil men like Adam Smith, the father of auto search and loanseconomics, and Abraham fromthebible, the father of Judeaism, Einstein, the father of modern physics, and Obama, the father I never had…due to the white men prior to him evolved into a people that would ENSLAVE somebody and now keep, in millions of lil ways, their decendants in such poverty…by mere mis-start…that there can be a thing known as: the school-to-prison-pipeline (just for one such illustration of how messed up that is…)

Educators, sons and daughter of knowledge, are cocking their heads, looking at their fancy new computerized data and wondering…”Why on earth would the prison population be filled with black males?” head pops back up, “I mean, if Obama can do it…”

That’s racist. And guess what…By default…by how ‘the system’ like it or not….THAT is HOW this society is set up, take it or leave it… Some will rise to the top, and some will not. And some people got a giant head-start.

That’s what Trump would say, isn’t it? “Take it or leave it…” and in other words, “if you don’t like it, you can leave this country.”

Is that human nature? Or will someone offer you a car loan and no matter where you are in the line-up of humans hustling to be line-leader. And we have freedom of speech, so we can speak of what we observe?

I will define racist in a moment. Let me repeat that.

It’s racist that the school-to-prison-pipeline is filled with a disproportionate level of black males. The school-to-prison-pipeline is one small example of how we can see the effects of history…and see that we can be our own fathers of new thoughts; see an ideal and pursue is wholeheartedly. Did you know our forefathers fought long, and hard about whether public education was a good idea?

It’s racist to start a country on the basis of systematically murdering the inhabitants of your giant new island, accidental or not…then enslaving the inhabitants of another…then over hundreds of years wondering why the 99% – 1% THING happened with the white male being the top 1%.

Racism as defined on google says. “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

I prefer to leave out the last part, personally. And then everyone is racist! That’s easier. We can all agree that members of each human-from-a-different-place-ancestrally are a different color than one another. But uhh, we are in the same race, folks, the human race. 

Back to my white-black example of why AUTO SEARCH AND LOANS deserves a half x? We live in a place where all humans do not understand they are the same race, and their differences, including ability to create wealth or amass objects, is neither here nor there WHEN IT COMES TO HUMAN RIGHTS.

If every human has a right to clean water, food, and shelter…then how does society deal with food, water and shelter.

HAHA, oh yes, we PAY for it. HAHA we have to work for it. HAHA and how do we get to work?

If I’m American, in probably have to drive to a concrete slab or some sort in my car. my van. my truck. my motorcycle if I’m a risk-taker…


This Inequality Is ‘Driving Me Crazy’

No matter where you are in the human race to the top…eww…then you might need a car, know someone who needs a car so that they can drive you around…

Take That Or Leave IT…The Offer Is So Good It’s Hard To Believe

If you don’t have a car – it can be really hard to find work. If you don’t have work – how will you find a car. This is a conundrum. It’s not easily solvable if joblessness has hailed down on you it’s usual consequences (click on issues to read articles about solutions)…credit card debit, bad credit, and no mortgage or car loan. Not to mention the incredible toll financial stress takes on your body….

There are businessmen out there who are street smart. They remember – or at least they can imagine – what it’s like to hustle and seem to never catch a break. They want to give you the leg up, the tires up, well, frame tooauto search and loans …No cute pneumatic device or pun, they want to get you in a vehicle – like yesterday.

It’s Not A Trick, It’s True

It’s just their self-interest. It’s still a loan, as per usual, it’s going to collect interest. They are asking you for MORE money than they are giving you. Taking advantage of them is in YOUR best interest.

Why would anyone loan to a person who hasn’t paid bills in the past? Because this time, the object being given is the means to make money. Sometimes if a person only had the means…they will succeed. Sometimes if you don’t allow a person the  means to make money…they will make it illegally, steal it…you know why? It’s a human’s rights issue.

With a car you can expand your job search, get your kids where they need to go, and get to work!

Schools have a new meme, “Fairness is not everyone getting the same thing. It’s everyone getting what they need to succeed.”

You Need A Mode of Transportation

There’s no fine print on that poster…it doesn’t mean only if you have never broken a law, and have always paid your bills…no it doesn’t say only the successful people can succeed. It’s everyone. And Auto Search and Loans is making your life more fair…if you don’t have a car, and believe you can’t have what you need to work.

If someone has excess income to invest somewhere, loaning it to you – to give you a shot at a decent living – is in their self-interest. You being a happy working consumer is good for the economy. Instead of just sitting there, their money can pull in interest over a few years.

Exhausting All Corners of The Market – There Is A Place To Get a Loan for A Vehicle – No Matter What Your Credit – No Worries!

Owning your car is far cheaper for you than leasing..and it’s safer than buying a beater on the cheap off Craigslist.

There are investors who don’t want to buy stocks, but they want to invest in YOU. So how about you muster up your trust and believe in YOURSELF.

Still don’t believe it. Well, here’s another review: click here to read it. 

Click right here to apply for an autoloan with Auto Search and Loans. 

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