More College Options: Just Enough Happiness

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Half X for More College Options …As if Options were what we needed…(scoffs)

Barry Schwartz wrote this book he called, The Paradox of Choice and what he’s saying is that it seems like a good thing, but when you have too many choices then you experience paralysis of choice, which is not liberation or freedom…the very thing more choice should offer you…AND you actually LESS HAPPY with your choice. Watch Schwartz’s Ted Talk here.

Let’s give you some maybe needed college learning – googled it: Paradox is something that doesn’t make sense but is true.

“A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.”

If you have 3 choices your opportunity cost is less than if you had 6 choices…or the 100’s of cereal choices in the cereal aisle. “The regret you have subtracts from the satisfaction of what you choose,” says Mr. Schwartz.

Satisfaction Minus Regret Equals Happiness

True happiness might be happiness minus satisfaction and despite regret…but that’s another conversation. more college options

You know… cereal is kind of small…like beads, finger nails, rice…we do not really need a highway sized aisel for that do we? Oh, we think we do. Then we have to compete with the ‘cover of the book’, and we judge it…then the cutest one is eaten…

Which is the wrong wrong question to ask when you need to know what does your body need to perform well. Thank you, body.

That one had a cute bunny on the front.

Bugs. All full of bugs.

College Is Similar…It’s A Choice

You have so many options of places to choose. Do you want to pick based on who spent their money marketing to you…oh, no…we can just pick based on sports teams. That’s better. Not.

Sometimes you have less college choices than other people and you develop resentment for their capacity for opportunity and yours.

Comparison is a great source of unhappiness. But 24k and 100k per year looks very different on a life vessel, and it’s easy to compare and choose the life you’d prefer to live. How Great! Then you have dreams. Good job.

Have one dream and going for it, is far better than having 10 dreams and completing only one. Appears to be sound reasoning.

Start with “My dream job is ______” Look up the qualifications. Then Click this link and go get what you need to do the ONE THING you want to do. more college options

Actually, Mr. Schwartz would agree with probably you…”Some choice is better than no choice…” But too many choices isn’t better.

Think of a few jobs and then weigh out the options. Start this process, because inertia is how things change.

Maybe you are frozen because anything is possible…how do you start? Where did you start? What did you say when you were a kid? I said I wanted to be a mom and a teacher, and I’m also a writer and a friend! Who knew you could do more than one thing. But it’s better than doing nothing; let me tell you. Click this link and go get what you need to do the ONE THING you want to do. 

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