Life Lock Gets More Business When Bad Things Happen

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Life Lock gets all business because some people do bad things and RUIN days and lives for the rest of us. It’s ridiculous. Because it’s nonviolent crime with fairly minor actions…it’s just a credit card, right?

Life Lock gets a half bad mark for being a bad-day business.

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There’s bad guys and because of them and their icky ways. apparently good guys look like kind ladies in a call center instead of turtles that looks more like humans with names of classic creative thinkers…

Oops! Donatello Didn’t Have Life Lock And A Rouge Unicorn Stole His Identity!

Just kidding, but really. Do you want your identity stolen by a mentally ill ISIS supporter?

What if universal background check gets a new list of regulations that looks a  lot like spying on citizens..but it stops terrorist attacks, like happened at the nightclub in Orlando.

Someone is going through a hard time right now – might be you –

Might be someone else…someone who might do hard, bad things in the sake of their self-interest…

It’s the proactive among us that escape minor, yet intense violations…like identity theft…and the minor but intense annoyances this can bring.

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees But You Buy Peace Of Mind. Which Is Priceless..What? Half x! Because Eww, But True.

Instead of Ninja Turtles as our heroes we have faceless…Life Lock. Sad trade if you ask me.

These sewer heroes are somehow still pretty super, but Life Lock is a lot more Pacifist and moral for that non-violent incentive for anti-crime.  Life Lock to prevents your Identity from being used for the self-interest of selfish silly heads, the play ground meanies have life on lock down…

Read this other Life Lock Review…which points out, accurately, that there’s a lot you can do for yourself for 100% free…which took what? 25% of your time, which could have made you money. So paying the money for the service…might not be a bad idea.

No…not really. Life Lock doesn’t effect you at all..but the last thing there is room for on my to do list is calling banks, fighting my case, changing all my passwords and sheesh! Why spill the milk when there are Sippy cups. Why get your identity stolen, used like a rag, when there is Life Lock? CLICK HERE to get YOUR super hero. 

Watch The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Here

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