Ultimate Identity Protection Has You In The Worst Ways

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Half X for ID theft, because you won’t be hit with X marks the spot IF you have ID theft protection!

Sitting ducks…

Sitting With Their SSN, Bank Accounts, Passwords, Reputations, Names….

Ducks quaking and complaining because humans are following human nature…using tools to get what they want. The same principle that keeps us safe going 70 on the highway – is the same thing that would allow someone to steal your SSN, hijack your bank account, steal your credit card, passwords, reputations, names…SELF-INTEREST.

Self-interest will allow some to follow through on the option of stealing someone else’s “self”…IF they think they can get away with it. Quacks.

The ducks sat and hatched an idea: identity theft protection programs. Quicker quackers.

If every person had this protection, getting caught would be become much more likely. Selfish-stealing-selves would have to get wiser to one up the thick do-not-cross line. Bosch,_Hieronymus_-_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights,_central_panel_-_Detail_Bird_and_Man_riding_a_duck

Get behind the trees ducks…men made identities and now someone has their sight’s set on you.

If you have a good thing there’s going to someone coveting it. Tenth commandment: Thou shall not covet.

Thee wilst come after thou, says Identity Theft Protection, the Shepard of the sitting ducks.

Get behind a ID Theft protection service that is like a shield, bullet proof glass, and better than that tree.

Yeah, You’ll have to pay something for it. Just like you had to pay for a door on your house, because you can’t keep the neighbors or the weather out…Just like you have to pay for all your human rights…food, water, shelter…and therefore, life. Have you seen the ticker for what the war on terror has cost? Astronomical. Half X for all the messed up self-interest out there.

Your Identity isn’t made up for kicks and giggles…it’s the hinges that let modern life run more efficiently than ever before…

Checking Your Credit Report Is One Way To Know If You’ve Been Had…

Click here to peacefully protect yourself.

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