“Chemistry’s Just Right At Chemical Bank” For Discrimination

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Four bad marks for Chemical Bank. Criminy! The Civil Rights Movement happened in the 1960’s. And Civil Action is still sorely needed in 2016. Oh, Woe.

The mortgage products at Chemical Bank are great – get at them anywhere, get a good 30-year-fixed-rate mortgage*, maybe even get your appraisal rolled into your down payment…if you are white. 

Okay, maybe that’s really extreme. We live in an age of covert racism. No one at chemical bank is going to tell any different if you are pink, yellow, purple or brown.

But the action you see could be different depending on what color crayon you are.

Be the sharper crayon in the box and just go somewhere else.

This commercial from the 80’s highlights something critical about Chemical Bank. They are big city, big business…and “Chemical Bank has always been apart of that chemistry…”

“Where people can bank in their own language…” if you are a certain type of white. 

Look, every employee is different. Chemical Bank didn’t make a set of robots to be their employees with uniformity across the board.

But Chemical Bank is growing a reputation of being hit or miss – with there action on mortgage offers and double speak. Say one thing, and be doing another.

It’s probable to find in a big business bank.

You know what would prevent redlining? Knowing your banker. No one would treat you in a way where they couldn’t wave to your from their front porch, and they couldn’t see you at the kid’s school in clear conscience.

Here is an article featuring Art Aldrich of Chemical Bank in Grand Rapids, MI. The title is telling…Let’s Talk Specifics: Real Problems With Race Inequality In Grand Rapids Real Estate . 

This commercial was taken from a very interesting article highlighting the same thing as this Bad Product Review. Read that one here…

More solutions are offered in this article: Let’s Talk Solutions: Real Problems In Race Inequality In Grand Rapids Real Estate

*basic mortgage information 

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