Why the Xanadu Program Makes It Easy to Get a Home ZERO DOWN

That's no light boast. It's been proven: the Xanadu Program can -- and has -- done it on many occasions, simply on the basis of educating those prospective homeowners into what they need to do, step-by-step, just to get approval. The real estate market really is a mystery for some with a variety of players in the game -- realtors, property managers, [...]

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Updated Property Values Needs an Upgrade

Updated Property Values gets a half bad mark - because the job they are trying to do is mind-boggling. Think about this: If there were just 100 people on earth [...]

Pierre Roustan Is So Deep In Vampirism He’s Off the Pier

Author Pierre Roustan must live in the dark for how else could a plot and the details be so dark as in the Divine Covenant. Pierre must get a dark red X...but only [...]

Plenty of Fish In a Cess Pool

4 bad marks for 4 bad reason for the dating site, Plenty Of Fish. Just because there's a lot of fish doesn't mean that every bite is good. And a dating site is only as [...]

Unspoken For Is Unspoken About…So Far

Unspoken For - The Single's Social Network  get a half mark - just for being a networking site - for ruining "You had me at 'Hello' (that you said to me in [...]

Grant Me An Answer, Why Is The Best Help Hard to Find?

Pell Grant ! OPEN YOUR EYES! Do you want a basic opportunity, like a job! Did you know that's what the PELL GRANT used to be called? The Basic Opportunity Grant. [...]

Cloud Based Freebie Are Rain Drops When I’m Thirsty

  Half X for Cloud Based Freebies There's all this stuff to buy. Shop in a store, shop online, from your computer or from your phone. Shop in a yard. Shop, shop and [...]

Careerbuilder.com Builds Something All Right

Four Bad Marks For Careerbuilder.com We live in a middle wo/man culture. The middle wo/man wears a white collar and connects the blue collar wo/man's to the street clothed [...]

Monster Is Too Big For His Britches

     Three and A Half Bad Marks For This Monster Of A Job Site, Monster.com. The half is a little excessive right? No, it's fitting. Monster.com is half job [...]

Zillow Has a Sharp Edge in Real Estate – Careful!

Three bad marks for Zillow.  We are getting on to you, Zillow. You make a lot of your money from ads, not from the service you provide. It skews the incentive to provide [...]

NACA – Promises Schmomises

      4 out-of 5 X's for this bad review of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. Such positive connotations with almost all [...]