Why the Xanadu Program Makes It Easy to Get a Home ZERO DOWN

That's no light boast. It's been proven: the Xanadu Program can -- and has -- done it on many occasions, simply on the basis of educating those prospective homeowners into what they need to do, step-by-step, just to get approval. The real estate market really is a mystery for some with a variety of players in the game -- realtors, property managers, [...]

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Dynamite Recruiting May Change the Way Work Is Done Thanks to Internet Marketing

These days recruiting of any kind gets a bad rep for a lot of reasons: head hunting's too costly for companies, candidates shy away from them, nothing gets done. It's a [...]

WHEN WE BECAME 1: “Telling a Story” Vs. “Recording an Event”

Wedding planning is essential when couples want to create a great celebration. They should make sure that their wedding planning includes wedding videos. Wedding videos [...]

Quicken Loans Will Quicken Something

Your blood pressure, the intensity of your back ache, the robot-nature of your mortgage banker...your death date coming...quicker, and quicker with quicken loans. Forgive [...]

“Chemistry’s Just Right At Chemical Bank” For Discrimination

Four bad marks for Chemical Bank. Criminy! The Civil Rights Movement happened in the 1960's. And Civil Action is still sorely needed in 2016. Oh, Woe. The mortgage [...]

Life Lock Gets More Business When Bad Things Happen

Life Lock gets all business because some people do bad things and RUIN days and lives for the rest of us. It's ridiculous. Because it's nonviolent crime with fairly [...]

More College Options: Just Enough Happiness

  Half X for More College Options ...As if Options were what we needed...(scoffs) Barry Schwartz wrote this book he called, The Paradox of Choice and what [...]

Tinder Dinner, Binge and Purge, The Dollar Menu Of Dating Apps

Four of the bad stars for the bad, bad dating site Tinder...Home of the robot prostitutes, the simple hot-or-not game you can play anywhere...in long ques, on the pot, in [...]

Poor Problems Need Auto Search And Loans

Auto Search and Loans is hard to believe. "100% of all loan applications are approved?" Really? Why would they do that? Is the interest rate astronomical?  Maybe [...]

Cloud Based Bookkeeping – What’s Keeping You?

  The main advantage of Cloud Based Bookkeeping is also it's disadvantage. It's in the cloud, easily accessible to you and your accountant...and depending on the [...]

Ultimate Identity Protection Has You In The Worst Ways

Half X for ID theft, because you won't be hit with X marks the spot IF you have ID theft protection! Sitting ducks... Sitting With Their SSN, Bank Accounts, Passwords, [...]