Gosh, we’re so negative…. When was the last time you went to a site that had the word BAD in the title? Probably never. But in this case, there’s a very real reason for it, separating us from the rest of product review sites:

How Can You Trust a Good Product Review?

Whenever gambling with retail, products and commerce, what sticks the most with a customer? The bad experience. Word spreads when the service stinks. People talk. And people are honest when they talk about a product that doesn’t cut it.bad product reviews

You’ll see that quality reviews here are actually graded by how many bad marks over how many good marks. So a review with “5 bad marks” might be a product you want to stay away from!

Don’t get us wrong: there are a lot of good reviews out there for quality products. But there are even more bad reviews out there for those products you should stay away from. Here’s where you’ll find them. Right here.

The Best Product Review Is the Kind You Can Stand By

Bad product reviews protect the consumer. Do you have questions about whether or not this product or service makes the grade? You’ll find out about it right here. Simply do a search. Roll the dice — and feel free to leave your own review as well! That’s what we’re here for.